LARA Latino Recovery Advocacy

 Una plataforma de llevar el mensaje de Recuperacion y activismo  . En Español . En Los últimos años  en los Estados unidos se a  desarrollado un sistema de Activismo para Luchar por los derechos de las  personas con la condición de Uso de sustancias y Salud mental en  General . El activismo siempre a existido en diferentes formas de Lucha  Social . Ahora Luchar contra El Estigma  que arropa esta condición , La  Recuperación es posible/ es una Enfermedad tratable . , personas de la  comunidad están hablando abiertamente de su problema . Para así que  personas se puedan identificar . Mucha Esperanza y cambios sociales para  futuras generaciones .  

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Embark Coach Academy Colorado

 1 Voz is pleased to offer telephone recovery support (TRS); an  innovative, peer to peer, recovery support service. TRS provides weekly  phone calls to people in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.  Trained TRS volunteers call to “check in” and ask how people are doing  managing their recovery. Volunteers are trained to provide support,  encouragement and information about recovery resources. TRS helps reduce  relapse and enhances the recovery experience. 1 Voz uses an online data  collection program that not only captures accurate, real time data but  automatically schedules the next call date and tracks contact history.

 The  impact on our state can be immeasurable. We know that our calls  help  people maintain their recovery and get them back on track if a  relapse  occurs. When someone tells us they have relapsed, we don’t kick  them  out of the program; we keep calling them, checking in with them,  seeing  if they want help. When someone is down, that’s when he or she  needs  the most support. Embark/PCA may be the only encouraging voice heard  at  a critical junction on the road of their recovery. TRS calls are made in 5 new counties throughout Colorado per year with the help of our regional partners.  

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Poetry for Personal Power 

What helps you through adversity? We are now in our tenth year with over 150 events per year, 75 sponsored artists and advocates in 7 regions, and research and peer support programs ready for publication. We are building a national replication process to share healthcare messaging, promote resilience in nonprofits, and increase the number of peer support programs. We are becoming an evidence-based resilience messaging campaign with sponsored artists.


  • healthcare messaging: 20% increase in resilience knowledge and behaviors, 30% increase in health insurance literacy.

  • peer support: 70% hospital visit reduction

  • artist entrepreneur development: 10 fold increase in sponsored artist income when completing our event sponsorship process. Paid gigs for sponsored artists

  • healthcare advocacy and research: statewide mental health and substance use recovery networks, peer support allies coalitions

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Recovery Simply

Recover The Fun groups are centered on the creative arts and the outdoors and are designed to remind us that fun can be had without the use of substances. The purpose of the group is to provide a relaxed, friendly, and fun environment where we connect to each other and ourselves - because part of the work of recovery is relearning how to have fun. 

Play helps develop and improve social skills. Social skills are learned as part of the give and take of play. During childhood play, kids learn about verbal communication, body language, boundaries, cooperation, and teamwork. As adults, you continue to refine these skills through play and playful communication.

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Sober AF Entertainment

Promote and manage Sober SAFE Zones at major sporting events. Work with  major sporting teams to set up blocks of tickets at our nonprofit  discount rate. Set up tailgate party before event to connect and engage  community. We manage events on our website. 


Host at least one sporting  event per month. 

 Promote sober support groups that are activity working music festivals  or certain bands using our website and calendar of events. Interview  members of these support groups to help educate concert goers of these  groups and activities such as sober campgrounds and other fun  activities.  


 Create calendar of events for people wanting to promote a sober tailgate. Interview groups hosting sober tailgates.  


 Host a concert/festival using sober musicians and DJ’s once a year. Host sober DJ events quarterly.   

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Don't Look Back Center

Throughout my life I developed a passion for helping others. This  passion has inspired me to open a safe supportive environment for all  Women & Trans women suffering from Addiction, P.T.S.D Domestic  Violence & Unresolved Trauma.  I opened Don't Look Back Counseling  and then added the not for profit. to give back  to the community.  

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Pike's Peak Metropolitan Community Church, 1102 S 21st St, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904, United States

El Paso County RECO-very

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