Peer Recovery Support

Una Voz – the Recovery Movement stories need to be heard. Development of a robust community of support, adequate, accessible treatment options, and greater acceptance of individuals living with behavioral health conditions are a missing quotient in Colorado.

Peer driven recovery support services empower people living in recovery to extend their own success to those looking for it. It is mutually beneficial and has been demonstrated to improve outcomes for individuals engaged in treatment. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identified four recovery dimensions that overlap with social determinants of health, these include; health, home, purpose, and community. The work of the Una Voz collaborative incorporates these dimensions by providing access to services (health), purpose for both the recovery coach and the client, and a supportive community. 

Una Voz hopes to elevate the recovery community in Colorado through increased awareness, creation of standardized data collection, and identification of key performance indicators. Additionally, it would provide an opportunity to mobilize the various communities of support and give legitimacy to the recovery voice. 

There are solutions to the behavioral health crisis we are facing in Colorado – the right level of publicity combined with practical solutions for addressing it could be the catalyst for change. 


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