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Talk with someone who has been down this road. We know it's tough and we want to help!!!

Telephone Recovery

Telephone Recovery Support–  an innovative,  peer to peer, recovery support service. TRS provides  weekly phone calls  to people in recovery. Trained TRS  volunteers call to “check in” and ask how people  are doing managing  their recovery. Volunteers are trained to provide  support, encouragement  and information about recovery resources. TRS  helps reduce relapse and  enhances the recovery experience.


Weekly Recovery Support Calls

 The beauty is in the simplicity. TRS helps people stay  in recovery. Sometimes just a phone call can make someone feel wanted,  cared about and included. Dare, we say “loved”. When making the call,  the volunteer will feel rewarded when they have spoken with someone.  They share in joys and sorrows, triumphs and setbacks. They have the  satisfaction of giving back, of making a difference.


It’s a classic  win-win scenario. 


Include Diversity 

By failing to include diversity in our messaging and our  messengers, we are leaving out racial and ethnic minorities. While it is  doubtful that this is intentional, the outcome is the same. The  recovery movement is exacerbating already existing disparities in  treatment. This needs to change if we are to have a unified front in  creating positive norms with regard to addiction, treatment, and  recovery… Angelo Lagares, Founder Latino Recovery Advocates 


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